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Gale Lively

Gale Lively, Senior Counsel


Gale Lively brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Mulloy Borland team as a Senior Counsel. She has been an effective leader for over 35 years in the real estate industry as well as served on multiple boards of directors, industry governing councils, and civic committees.


Gale served as the Executive Vice President of the Louisville Apartment Association, which represents 49,000 rental units, from 1977 through 2015. She effectively led and grew this organization during her tenure. This includes directing every aspect of its operations, recruitment efforts, training programs, human resources, and marketing. She is an expert in government affairs, having served as chief liason between the federal, state and local officials, while representing multiple real estate interests, including:


• National Apartment Association
• Louisville Apartment Association
• Lexington Apartment Association
• Northern Kentucky Apartment Association
• Greater Louisville Home Builders Association
• Greater Louisville Board of Realtors
• Department of Housing & Urban Development


In addition to serving as EVP at the Louisville Apartment Association, Gale is a founding member of the West Virginia Apartment Association. She also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Apartment Association.


Throughout her career, Gale has been an advocate for affordable housing in the in Metro Louisville community, serving on committees and task forces for:


• Affordable Housing Trust Fund
• Mayor’s Strategic Housing Task Force
• Systems Development Charge Committee
• Land Development Code Task Force
• Affordable Housing Task Force
• Block Watch Program (w/ LMPD)


Throughout her career, Gale has been a key player in the advancement of her client’s interests. She continues to be an important part of the Mulloy Borland team by providing invaluable insight and perspective that can only come  from someone with her experience, network of business and political associates, and resources.



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