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Kevin Borland

Kevin Borland, Partner

To say that Kevin Borland has a wide range of experience during his career would be an understatement. For over twenty years, he has served as Senior Counsel in a number of industries, providing invaluable counsel on political and legislative issues to a wide array of clients in both the public and private sector. Kevin has represented clients in the fields of foreign policy, budget and appropriations, education, energy, financial services, health care, homeland security, national defense, tax policy, trade, transportation and technology.

Over the span of his career, Kevin has developed a strong network of influencers and decision makers at every level of legislative and political power. He understands how to leverage this network to advance the interests of Mulloy Borland’s clients. He is well equipped tackle any issue because of his unique perspective and his ability to effectively communicate.

Prior to being a founding partner in Mulloy Borland, Kevin established himself as a valuable resource to his clients as a lobbyist, international liason to foreign governments, crisis communications, grassroots advocacy, and coalition building efforts. As a partner at Mulloy Borland, he remains heavily involved in the daily service of our clients, providing hands-on, senior level expertise to those he represents.


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