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Tim Mulloy

Tim Mulloy, Partner

Simply put, Tim Mulloy has spent his career getting things accomplished. From his early days as a political consultant and lobbyist to his extensive real estate development and other ventures, Tim has built a network of relationships that are invaluable to the success of Mulloy Borland’s clients. With over 30 years of experience in a wide range of industries, Tim has proven to be a superb leader and dedicated problem solver to those he serves.

After completing law school, Tim cut his teeth in the political world as a campaign manager, and contributed to numerous successful candidates for office. This experience proved vital to learning the tools of effectively organizing concerted public relations and grassroots marketing efforts. He also began developing a crucial network, which led to becoming a heavily sought after lobbyist to numerous industries at the local, state, and federal level, when he founded the Commonwealth Group, a political consultation firm.

Simultaneously, Tim has been involved in the commercial real estate business his entire career, growing Mulloy Commercial Real Estate’s portfolio of property to over $100 million in managed assets. To this day, Tim has remained heavily involved in the real estate development industry as both an owner, manager and consultant to numerous real estate endeavors. His experience in all aspects of real estate development has allowed for a 360° assessment of the task at hand, and how to best solve the problem.

Always ready to challenge himself and those around him, Tim has become involved in other facets of business, such as his ownership of the Louisville City Football Club, a professional soccer franchise. He also serves or has served on various boards of directors, committees, and long term planning task forces. Tim has long been heavily involved in many civic organizations for the betterment of the community he calls home.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tim continues to seek out and find new ways to serve Mulloy Borland’s clients. Whether it’s a telecommunications lobby, a hotel development, or professional sports –  Tim stays in the trenches, providing hands on attention to each and every endeavor, while evolving with improved ways to tackle the issues that face his clients.


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